Tokitama Shunsai (cendalire) wrote in suisetsu,
Tokitama Shunsai

[RP] Well hello there

Let's see who still watches this.

*ahem* I've opened up the preliminary edition of the new Suisetsu website. It will be in the form of a wiki (i.e. Wikipedia) that will contain all information pertinent to the Suisetsu universe and campaign(s?) therein.
The website is located at, and provides a link to the MediaWiki User's Guide to try and help you get started. There's not much there yet (aside from heathsama's titanic amount of content, and some of daedeross), but feel free to start adding what you know. More likely than not I'll move it around anyway at some later date.
Oh, and if you happen to follow the link through here, leave a comment so I know. Curiosity and all that.
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