Heath, Darkness (heathsama) wrote in suisetsu,
Heath, Darkness

[Post Session] Dec. 10

Here goes. Holy shit, a lot happened.

The Battle still raging. Quin is getting pwned, when Shizu throws Tenka in front of the enemy to block. Fighting! The Cerberus does a quake attack, and Quin begins to fall into a chasm, but Karen manages to catch her in time. The Cerberus begins to concentrate, and Shizu warns everyone to run away. The Cerberus spews a volcano of magma up, destroying the building and knocking Quin and Mi unconscious, and Karen goes into Blind Fury and starts attacking Gus, who is close to Quin. Gus grabs Quin and flies off, and Karen chases. The Cerberus summons up four magma elementals, and Shizu and Tenka are all that are left to fight. The Cerberus rushes after Gus and Karen and destroyed more of the walls.
Akilah comes in on a helicopter, and Tenka heals Quin to consciousness. Quin uses her mind powers to bring Karen back to sanity. Not long after, Shizu is knocked out in one critical blow. Upon seeing this, Quin goes into HER Blind Fury. Ryou teleports in and teleports her away. Quin starts going crazy and killing shit. Quin attacks Akilah, and Gus kills the Cerberus. Akilah manages to make contact with Quin, and Quin falls unconscious.
The party gathers up and heads back to school. On the way, we discuss what just happened with Quin, but Quin herself doesn’t know much about it. Shizu recovers, and later on in the night, everyone is summoned together. Gus informs us that the Cerberus was actually a demon, taking on the form of a Cerberus, which was strange for him. There’s a chat about the makeup of demons, and how they vary from power to power, dependant on the ‘faith’ in the demon. A demon can be formed by anything that is considered alive (so a forest could summon a lesser demon to defend itself). Bren assumes that this demon was being controlled by someone. More than likely, Fuld-Galsband is behind the control. We discuss the Astral Plane quite a bit more.
Bren tells us we need to get stronger, and that Himmelsaber is nearing completion. Himmelsaber is supposed to be the next step in technology for the Empire. Gus plans to step things up a bit, and things will start to get more intense. Quin tells Ari to take Jean and head to the nearest star, to stay safe.
Before anyone can leave, Ryou perks up, telling Shizu that someone is coming. Moments later, the man in the coat appears in the corner. Gus summons security, and the man (who stutters a little, and is pretty nervous all the time), introduces himself as Don. Don is a little loopy, but he seems to be one of the sons of the Ancient Dragon, who fought with the Demon King. He’s a helpful guy – too bad he doesn’t know anything specific. He’s got a good idea on where to go to look for things, and seems to have been alive for a couple million years. He tells us that we shouldn’t leave the country, but that Gus should send people out to certain areas to look for things. He tells Karen specifically to look out for people with red eyes (that she doesn’t know), because they will be looking for her.
Don says he’ll return soon, and vanishes. Bren thinks that he might have understood a bit more than he should have, but he needs some time to think about it. Gus tells us to go home. He’s a smart man.
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