Twilight Frontier Eps 1.4 & 2.1

The conclusion to Twilight Frontier Episode 1 and the start of Episode 2 will be tentatively held on Saturday September 22 at 7pm.

The above calendar should house all upcoming Suisetsu Events.

Please be ready with your plans for character advancement and any shopping to do during downtime.

P.S. I created a Google Account called "SuisetsuRP" for containing the Calendar. cendalire , I can send you the password so you can edit it too.

Edit: Heh, the above calendar is only for Twilight Frontier. Other Calendars below.
Crimson Gates
Terran Veil (ended, so should be blank...)
Snowfall in the Emerald Twilight. General calendar for the universe.
Simply Lovely

[RP] Next Sessions

  • Crimson Gates - Myran will be run sometime the week ofJuly 2nd. The other two groups will have to wait until at least afterFriday, July 13th.
  • Twilight Frontier - Saturday, July 14th. Starting sometime after 6 PM.

[RP] The Future!

Next Sessions

  • A final review for SUISETSU: The Terran Veil will happen on Sunday, May 6th @ 5 PM.Unlike most ofther sessions I promise to be short, this one should beACTUALLY short. Attendance and attentiveness will be mandatory.
  • The three new groups of SUISETSU will still happen roughly on a biweekly basis. Keep an eye out for more details.

[RP] Announcements

Killer session to all those involved. I had fun, and it sounded like I helped you all have fun as well. Lets all hope I can keep this up!

  • Session Record

  • Next session of SUISETSU: The Terran Veil will be held Sunday, April 22nd @ 6 PM.

  • You may remember that there are various tweaks I want to implement intothe game that have either half-assedly gone in or not at all. Mostnotably they include the elimination of Personal Gear, andimplementation of things line a Magic System and XP. A few additions to that will be new and revised rules for modern (read: guns) combat.After the Invasion, these things will take effect.