Tokitama Shunsai (cendalire) wrote in suisetsu,
Tokitama Shunsai

[ETC] Lesse how this goes.

I'll be posting any announcements I make on the wiki here as well. Maybe I can find some way to automate this. Most of these announcements may or may not apply to you, or you simply may not care. Regardless I will me posting all announcements just so that I don't forget anything in the future.

Next Session

  • Next session of SUISETSU will be tentatively held on Saturday, March 10th. Let me know of any conflicts.

Changes in the Air

  • You may also remember that there are various tweaks I want toimplement into the game that have either half-assedly gone in or not atall. After the Invasion, I these things will take effect. Most notablythey include the elimination of Personal Gear, Magic System, and XP.

Proposed Magic System 4

  • daedeross has uploaded a new proposal for a revised magic systemthat aims to simplify previous iterations while maintainingversatility. I will be uploading what I previously had for a magic system sometime in the future.
  • Speaking of, I WILL be aiming to implement _A_ magic system immediately following the Invasion of Kogamiya.
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