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[Post-Session] Dec. 17

Sorry about the delay.

A week and a half passes. Everyone has been training to get stronger. Thursday, Oct. 26. Shizu awakes. Tsuzuki has been working longer and later, making Karen worry. Mi, on the other hand, has somehow made a living pocket watch. It has an eye! She names it Gizmo. How cute.
Then the World Defense Alarm goes off! Quin is ‘busy’ with Gus, but they quickly get ready. We gather (Suza in control), and Gus tells us that three things are heading towards us from the atmosphere. We gather outside, and the seeds settle outside. They’re red. Quin goes forward to check it out, and Karen moves to back her up. Quin tries to poke it with paper, but nothing. Gus arrives with Akilah, Johnny and three third-year students. He tells us that they are definitely alive, in some way, but he’s uncertain as to what it really is.
Gus, Karen and Quin all pool their strength together to push it over. They manage to pull open the ‘top’ to reveal a pulsing, heart-membrane-like mass. Gus calls in support, and both his people and Sec. 10 show up to haul them out of the area.
Suza approaches Tokiawa (researcher from Sec. 10) and begins to question him about the secrets he’s been holding. While she interrogates him, Tenka notices and Ryou gives him a brief explanation of what’s going on. Tenka relays to Quin, who begins to probe Tokiawa’s mind. Tokiawa tries to beat around the bush, denying that he knows her brother, but later promises that he will talk to her later.
Quin, meanwhile, has been diving deeper and deeper into Tokiawa’s mind. She finds several memories of Tokiawa meeting with Kusakai (Shizu’s brother), and then a memory of a planned assassination of Kusakai. There are also several memories of him meeting with Hermes and, at one point, Severed, who gives Tokiawa a box that contains ‘The Power’. Quin leaves a ‘door’ for her to access later. Quin then tells Shizu/Suza what she learned.
Shizu/Suza goes berserk and runs for Tokiawa. He tries to escape, but Suza throws him to the ground and begins to yell at him. Before he can tell much of anything, Hermes appears on top of one of the pods. He mocks us for a bit, saying that if Tenka hadn’t put up the anti-magic field, the pods would have gone off already, before several people try to shoot him. The bullets go through him, and Gus realizes that Hermes isn’t actually here. Everyone spreads out to find him, and Quin finds his mind about a mile away. Suza heads out, with a squad and Karen right behind her.
Tenka (good cop) and Quin (bad cop) interrogate Tokiawa, who reveals that the Projects were begun by Fuld-Galsband, and that he’s been reporting data to them. However, FG found something better than the Maidens, and so they’re abandoning that project for this. Tokiawa reveals that they are going to summon something, but he doesn’t know what.
Suza hops to the roof where Hermes is supposed to be – and finds Severed instead, with a large black briefcase. Severed opens it to reveal Hermes’ head in a jar, slowly regenerating. Suza questions Severed about the ‘creation’ of Genbu, who reveals that Inbreach was involved, as well as Hermes. However, they’re now ‘throwing away’ the Maidens, save for Hermes, who likes them as toys. Suza and Karen begin to fight, but can’t pierce Severed’s field.
Gus gathers everyone together and tells those there to do what they can. Three more seeds are heading in, these ones on the outskirts of town, and Tenka believes that they are to form a magic circle of sorts. Isha, Machii, and the Monopoly Man all pool their forces.
Suza and Karen fight for a bit longer before Jirou comes bursting out of Severed’s chest and knocks Karen down. Around then, Mi comes flying in piloting one of the fighter ships. Karen asks Jirou why he keeps attacking her, and Jirou tells her that they will show her. Hermes grins and the illusion begins.
We see a park in the evening, with several people about. In particular, there is a beautiful woman (Maiko, Karen’s mother), walking with a man on her arm (Yutaro, Yume’s fiancé). Behind them are walking a pair of twins (Hana and Yume).
Suddenly a man jumps out from the bushes with a knife and stabs Maiko in the chest. She is still for a moment before falling back into the Yume’s arms. When that happens, Yume suddenly transforms into a demonic figure and bites the Yutaro’s head off. She then begins to kill everyone in the area, until Hana draws her sword and stabs Evil-Yume through the head. Yume falls over dead, and the scene freezes. Jirou gets angry at Hermes, shouting that this was not what he was told.
Quin realizes something is bad with Karen, and rushes off. Tenka follows, but Johnny appears with a hummer and drives them.
Suza attempts to break Jirou from Karen, but to no avail. Jirou knocks Suza back, and throws Karen on top of her. Then a hand comes out and suddenly plants a wig on Jirou’s head. The hand coalesces a body, and it’s…Tsuzuki. The illusion disappears, and several of our troops are there, looking confused. Mi fires at Severed, and he falls through the floor. Suza goes after, but can’t find him. She goes back up, and Jirou advances on Karen. Suza attacks and drives him back, and Karen sees Tsuzuki for the first time.
Tsuzuki tells Karen he knows, and Karen is confused. Tsuzuki tells her that there was no third sister, and that she is really Hana. Karen begins to get more and more angry as he continues to talk, but as soon as he mentions that she is hurting him, she becomes very concerned. Karen picks up Tsuzuki and runs off to the school.
Suza continues to fight with Jirou. After driving him back, she unleashes her hammer and Mi fires some missiles. The building collapses.
Quin and Tenka pass Karen, and Johnny does an about-face. Karen hops into the hummer, and Tenka puts a crying Tsuzuki to sleep. Karen seems to not remember any of the recent events. They make it back to the school, where they meet up with Gus, Machii and Monopoly. Gus asks what Tsuzuki is doing here, and has Tenka wake him up. Tsuzuki yutzes around for a bit, then apologizes and holds a knife to his throat. Karen grabs his hands and forces the knife out of his hands. Quin tells Johnny to get them out of there.
Johnny guns it, but they get nowhere before they hit an invisible wall. A shard of glass hits Johnny in the head, and everyone falls out. Tenka gets up and begins to heal Johnny. Severed is there. When Karen goes to Tsuzuki, he tells her to stop this nonsense. The Monopoly guy tells her that she needs to stay – for the sake of a little girl. Before anything else can happen, Machii is suddenly behind the Monopoly Man, holding him up by the neck.
Karen picks up Tsuzuki and tries to run, but hits an invisible wall. They fall over. Tenka finishes healing Johnny, and fires a nice anti-magic shell at Severed. Tenka tells Karen to run, but Tsuzuki tells her to wait. Gus suddenly gets a message that their teams have all been taken out by mages – meaning Monopoly. The Monopoly Man tells him that they never breached their contract. The Monopoly Man tells them they are against Fuld-Galsband, and this was all for the sake of his master – Amano.
Quin attempts to mind-fuck Monopoly, but finds that his mind is a void. She tells Tenka to create an anti-magic ball on him, but to no effect. Monopoly looks a little upset, but is otherwise fine. Severed and Tenka exchange pleasantries.
About then Suza comes charging in, a blazing inferno of rage. However, as soon as she reaches the anti-magic field, she looses all of her powers and throws the weakest punch ever. Tenka releases the field, and Suza re-transforms. Severed grabs the hummer and flips it at Suza, who dodges. Severed begins to float up. Machii decides for everyone that Monopoly has no more use, and hits him in the chest. However, there is no effect, as he has no blood.
Mi has some of the troops go in to find Jirou. Jirou grabs one of them and smashes him. He takes out several of the troops. Mi fires a missile at him, but he changes its course to blow up some more of the troops. Jirou then heads off full speed towards the school. Mi radios this in.
Severed and Tenka have a pleasant conversation – rather, Tenka is pleasant and Severed is angry. Tsuzuki is tired and needs to go lay down. Karen and Quin lead him into the school. Suza goes to meet the oncoming Jirou with Gus, but before he arrives she gets Feedback from Ryou – he’s in danger! Suza bolts as Tenka and Severed begin their magic fight, and Gus and Jirou clash.
Karen leads Tsuzuki along, but he stops and falls to his knees. He tells her he can’t do this any longer, and apologizes again. He tries to convince her of the truth of what happened, but Karen continues to deny it. He finally tells her that he is a part of the Yamato clan, which is Karen’s father’s clan. Karen asks her why he never told her, and he tells her that he was ordered to never tell her. They were to protect the one who bears the curse, and that curse has been what has been giving Karen her nightmares. Tsuzuki pleads with Quin to help her see the truth, and Tsuzuki explains to her what happened to Karen.
Karen finally allows Quin to explore her mind. Karen’s mind is very happy and clean, with bunnies and carrots. Quin suddenly comes to a rift in her mind, something likely that was caused by a traumatic event. Quin heads down into the rift. Karen begins to resist as Quin goes deeper. The mind begins to get more and more hectic and terrible. Quin then sees what looks like a younger Karen, holding a bloody sword with a stab wound in her chest.
Quin goes up to the little ‘Karen’ and asks her what’s going on. She says she killed her sister, and then another younger Karen appears. Quin asks Karen who the other one is, and she is Hana. Karen tells her that it was an accident that killed Hana, and Hana was the one who killed her, and then Hana died from illness. Yume turned into a monster and Hana killed her. Karen then stopped loving Hana.
Karen asks Quin who she is, and Quin tells her that they will be friends soon. Hana gets angry and begins to swing the sword around, shouting how she lies and Karen pushed her away. Karen insists that it was an accident, but Hana tells the truth – how Karen was born the day Yume died, and pushed her away. Quin begins to realize what really happened, and asks Hana to show them what happened on that day.
Hana’s eyes glow, and then the darkness shows the scene that Karen, Suza and Mi saw before. The scene freezes at Hana, holding the bloody sword. Karen then shows her memory, which is the same save that there is a third child, and afterwards there is a scene of Karen placing a flower on Hana’s bed.
Quin begins to try and explain to Karen that she killed Hana, in a way. Hana keeps telling Karen she’s lying, but Karen gets more and more upset as she tries to reason her way. Quin gets Tsuzuki into the scene by having him touch one of the marks. Karen becomes adult Karen when Tsuzuki comes into the picture. Tsuzuki tells her she’s not well, but Karen continues to talk of Hana as a third person. Quin and Tsuzuki tell Karen that she’s only harming herself. Hana begins to hit Karen, and Karen morphs from adult to child and back to adult. Karen tells Hana that, to end this, she knows what she has to do.
Quin steps in to reason with Karen, telling her that she doesn’t need to die. Karen reaches out and begins to strangle Hana. Tsuzuki shouts out for Hana just as Hana brings the sword down on Karen’s head. Quin and Tsuzuki are ejected from Karen’s mind, and Karen begins to throw up.
Suza bursts into a basement, where Ryou is being held by a pair of mechanical arms coming from the black case. The green glow is coming from the case, though not very brightly. Byakko is already there. Suza immediately grabs the arms, and is immediately frozen. Hermes has a nice little laugh, and Ryou apologizes to her. Soon after, Genbu bursts in, a little upset at Suza. Right behind her comes Rurien. Suza gets a happy smile, and tells Ruri to cut the arms. Hermes doesn’t look too happy at that.
Karen finishes throwing up, and is beginning to loose her memory of Karen. Quin dives into Karen’s mind to try and keep the memories from leaving, or at least move them to the External Memory. Inside Karen’s mind, the landscape is being destroyed. Quin manages to save what she can by storing Karen’s memories inside her. Tsuzuki tells Karen that he loves her, and Karen asks, “If I wake up, and don’t remember you, will you still love me?”
“Of course I will.”
Karen then begins to loose consciousness. Tsuzuki tells her that he needs to go to work, and asks her to have dinner ready for him when he gets back. Karen says she will and then looses consciousness. Quin then comes to, and tells Tsuzuki what she did. However, they’re going to need someone with better knowledge in psychotherapy to restore everything. Karen/Hana then wakes up. Karen is a little disoriented, and temporarily mistakes Tsuzuki for Gus. She’s not completely coherent.
Rurien cuts the arms in half, and Suza regains control. She punches Hermes’ face, and has her time punching him. Shizu asks Hermes if he killed her brother, to which he happily responds yes. Shizu punches him again, and has Hermes explain to her why. She decides to keep Hermes alive, and has Ryou put him into stasis. Before he does, he gives her a kiss on the cheek and tells her ‘Happy Birthday’. Hermes’ head is placed into the black box, and given to Byakko, who heads off. Suza picks up Genbu and heads back with Ruri to where she left Gus fighting Jirou.
Mi sees Severed high above where Byakko and Tenka are flying, gathering a large ball of energy. She fires missiles at him, which makes him loose his energy, causing it to rain down towards the school. Akilah is a little worried, but Tenka offers to power the shield, and teleports over to Akilah. They head down into the school. Quin, Karen and Tsuzuki head inside and go into the infirmary.
Akilah reaches the generator and pulls out some wires. She has Tenka grab some wires, and then starts up the power. Everyone save Mi has made it into the shield, and soon Tenka goes out of control. The shield begins to spray lightning everywhere, forcing Mi to make some fancy flying.
In the infirmary, Quin reassures Tsuzuki that they can give Karen the help that she needs and fix her memories.
After the rain of hellfire finishes, Severed appears in front of her and tells her she’s a nuisance. He tries to take her out, but Mi makes some fancy moves and manages to evade them. He gets annoyed and holds his hands out. Lines appear all over his body, and he shouted ‘Break’. A portal appears in front of her, and she flies right in.
Suza, Genbu and Ruri arrive where Gus is fighting Jirou. They join in the fight. About then, Tsuzuki points a gun to Quin’s head. He tells her that he’s doing this to save Karen. He slips a pill down Karen’s throat, putting her to sleep. Quin telepathically tells everyone she’s in danger, and Suza sends Gus to Quin. Gus arrives, gets the situation with Karen at least, and then rushes off to find Bren. Tsuzuki leads Quin outside at gunpoint while carrying Karen.
The Maidens and Ruri easily take out Jirou in his weakened state. Jirou is still obsessed with trying to get to Hana/Karen, so Suza burns his toupee off. This releases him from their control, and he calms down a little. Tsuzuki comes outside at that point, and Jirou calls him the Guardian. He explains that Tsuzuki was supposed to protect the bearer of the curse, but that he betrayed the Yamato and was going to be killed for it. The summoning ritual is for some way to keep the curse from passing on to the next in line, a little girl named Alice.
Tsuzuki wakes Karen up, and apologizes to her once again. Suza tries to rush him, but before she can a pillar of earth erupts from the ground behind Tsuzuki, and from it steps Severed. Severed asks Tsuzuki if he has any last words, to which he says to Karen, “I love you.”
He is then decapitated.
At this point, the pods all face towards the sky and shoot beams of light up. The ritual has begun. Suza punches Severed, who is laughing manically at this point. Quin tries to put both her and Karen’s memory into the External Memory, but is suddenly shot back into her own body by a greater force from Karen’s mind.
Karen then transforms. She grows huge! Horns and everything. She looks pretty damn evil. At this point, Gus comes bursting out of the school, carrying Bren. Bren takes one look at Evil-Karen and nearly freaks out. Evil-Karen levitates Severed over to her and grabs him (she has HUGE hands!).
Then, from the ground, a coffin arises. It opens, revealing a vampire – Inbreach. He addresses Evil-Karen as Master, and Evil-Karen calls him Lord of the Dark Night. Evil-Karen notices Jirou, and calls him a failure. With a flick of her hand, his spine breaks, and he falls over dead. Something glowing arises from his body (his soul), and Evil-Karen eats it.
Quin attempts to invade Evil-Karen’s mind, and fails hardcore. Evil-Karen notes what she’s doing, but ignores her for the most part. At this point, Tenka finally is released from the ship, and Akilah shows her what’s happening outside. Tenka sees Evil-Karen and knows – this is the Demon King.
Bren says the same thing as Tenka teleports in, and the Demon King is nice enough to explain. S/he/it sealed itself into the Yamato bloodline to escape from a ‘group of heroes’ (Bren and Pals). He’d been lying dormant for the most part. However, thanks to Daddy trying to save little Alice from the curse, he unleashed holy hell upon the world. Remember to thank him later.
Tenka pauses and asks if she can just kill Severed. No dice, I guess. Inbreach leaves to go prepare for the Demon King’s arrival. The Demon King stretches a little, and says he needs to warm up. He beckons to the only person still standing – Suzaku. Suza rushes in and hits as hard as she can, but hurts herself more than she does him. He holds his hand out and takes her out in one blow.
With that done, the Demon King crosses his arms, and then the sky turns black. Suddenly a beam of light erupts from ground below him and hits him, breaking whatever spell he was going to use. The ship rises up from the ground, with Byakko up on top, glowing white. Over the radio we hear that Isha is powering the ship.
The Demon King leaves through a portal, telling Inbreach and Severed to gather up what they need. They rush over to the pods, and make them explode. Meanwhile, Himmelsaber has also torn a rather large chunk out of the city from rising up.

In the Aftermath:
Some of the city is destroyed, but due to Tenka’s anti-magic field and an early evacuation order, a lot of lives were saved. We gather up on the bridge of the ship. Quin finds she can’t break the link with Karen/Demon King, because of the Mark. Bren explains to us we only met a piece of the Demon King. Probably the only one last awake, so it hid itself in Yamato bloodline. Fortunately, seal is still in place, so it can’t leave the earth.
The ship is currently still being powered by Isha, and is being manned by the students who were still inside. We lost Karen, and Mi is still missing. We can probably do something to get Mi back, but as for Karen…as best as we can tell, she is gone. Her soul was likely devoured by the Demon King. Due to Quin’s ‘uploading’ of Karen’s memories, she doesn’t feel the loss of Karen’s link…and will probably change due to Karen’s personality now in her own. Tenka offers to help Akilah make a power supply for the ship. Bren asks the Maidens if they will help – but everything is up to their Master. Ryou tells him he will think on it.
Meanwhile, in the center of darkness, a lone fighter floats, unsure as to which way is up or down, whether it is moving or stopped…
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